High on a Mountain
The MacLachlainn Saga
Book One, Ailean
The stirring tale of one man's re- markable journey through life, a tale of adventure and love, of faith, loss and redemption.

Deep In the Valley
The MacLachlainn Saga
Book Two, Niall
What are the consequences of pa- ternal indifference for Niall Mac- Lachlainn, who wants his father's approval more than anything? 

Across the Wide River
The MacLachlainn Saga 
Book Three, Yonvusdi
Against the tumultous backdrop of a growing nation, the Cherokee grand- son of Scotsman Ailean MacLachlainn walks the Trail of Tears. 

Series Novels

The Sands of Santa Rosa
Paranormal techno-thriller
A company executive's decision  puts a little girl's life in danger. Can Cotton Chastain’s gift of seeing the future save her?

Windows of the Soul
Natural Disaster Thriller
Visions of love -- portents of peril. Can Cotton Chastain and Mattie Sands overcome the obstacles and dangers that threaten their future?

Thriller from the world of dreams
Do dreams come true?  Meg MacAllister hopes they don't, because in Meg's dreams, 
she kills....

Scribbles II
The terror continues
Meg and Johnny Peyton look forward to a blissful honeymoon, but the evil intentions of people they don’t even know make it a nightmare. And set them on the run, trying to escape a nightmare that has become all too real.


And Night Falls
Suspense with a Southern flair
Bullets and blackmail and beaches... A hit man and a hurricane and a high-stakes political campaign...

And Morning Comes
Mystery on the Southern Coast
An inheritance…an obsession …a plan for revenge… 


Single Title Novels 
Short Fiction

Tugger's Down
A harrowing descent into the occult
A pregnant teen dabbles in the occult with a Ouija board and unleashes an unspeakable family secret...

On Berryhill Road
Generational secrets story
What's it like living under a cloud of suspicion surrounding your family? Ask Fallon McKniere...

Fiction in a Flash
Stories to read in a jiffy
A collection of 24 flash fiction stories in a variety of genres ...from mainstream to historical to quirky to horror. Laugh, cry, enjoy!

The Blue- Sprigged Dimity Dress
A Short Story 
The nostalgic coming of age tale of a mountain girl in the 1890s.


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